The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Children 2021

Hands holding Christmas presents

We all love to get ahead when it comes to Christmas shopping and as we know, shopping for little ones can be a bit of a minefield.

To help ease some of the seasonal stress and help you get ahead, we have created our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, a carefully curated list for you to select from. With products to suit each and every child, you are guaranteed to find something your little one will love, that can be used time and time again. Our resources have been carefully selected by our in house experts and are teacher-approved which means you can shop and be rest assured that the items you choose will promote learning through play. From imaginative play toys that will coax your children to step away from the screens to all-natural, wooden construction resources, we have everything your little one could want!

So whether you are planning ahead or last-minute panic buying, read on for our ultimate list that will help to ease the Christmas shopping anxiety and put the fun back into the festive season.

Fit for royalty

Wooden castles are a timeless classic with young children. They love to dive into the enchanted fantasy world of dragons, knights, princesses and fairy tale palaces. Not only fun, play castles provide children with benefits such as dexterity and fine motor skills as they assemble and manoeuvre the working parts. Disassembling and rebuilding new scenes – as offered with our Royal Castle – encourages children to flex their imaginations and provides hours of extended fun. Although play castles are often a more costly purchase, the natural wood ensures quality and assurances of durability, meaning you can invest knowing that these resources will last a lifetime. There are also more affordable options such as the Wolf Castle, which provides added value as the castle layout can be amended and changed for each play session.

Old MacDonald had a… Farm

Farm sets are great for both imaginative play and learning. There is a lot to do on a play farm. From tractors to drive, and animals to feed, to hearing and learning what sounds the animals make. To encourage learning through play, the award-winning Oldfield Farm Set is a fantastic option. Complete with a wooden family and farm animals plus a barn, shed, pigsty and house, this set provides all the components a child could need to get stuck into farm life. Another alternative for your little ones is our Play Farm. Comprising of a set of wooden pieces on a jigsaw base, this set provides endless fun for children as they carry out pretend play tasks that a farmer would do in their day to day – Like harvesting their crops and milking the cows. It certainly is a great value for money set.

Getting on the property ladder at 3

Dolls’ houses have long been a firm favourite with children through the ages, and it’s easy to see why. Children can create everyday scenes from reality within their home. Which helps them to develop an understanding of the world in which they live. They also encourage children to use their imaginations, get interactive, and create new scenarios with the little characters. Our Urban Villa Dolls House represents more of the classic Victorian dollhouse, detailed with printed wallpaper and three stories to explore. If your child is less interested in dolls, a more versatile option is available like the Under 2’s Multi Use Play Building. This particular house is a great alternative, encouraging children to use whatever toys and resources they like to create their own little worlds. Or perhaps simple is best! Our Complete Doll’s House is a charming option, made completely from wood and offers a more rustic, less traditional option to consider. Dolls houses are typically more of an investment piece gift however they have and will continue to stand the test of time, providing your little one with entertainment for years to come.

Out of this world gifts

Space exploration is a topic much loved by children of all ages. Whether this is seeing the moon change phases, looking at the stars or rocketing up into space! Encourage your future astronauts with the magnificent Discovery Spaceship and Liftoff Rocket, a rocket so big that your little ones can stand and interact with all the components as they engage in pretend play. To further pique their interest and excitement, why not combine the Cosmic Rocket with our Life on Mars Set? This combination offers children the chance to not only rocket off into space but explore the planet mars and the wider galaxy in their imaginations. 

999, I need a great Christmas present!

Doctors, nurses and firefighters are our everyday heroes so it’s no surprise children love adopting the roles of these important individuals during play! We have come to the rescue with interactive emergency service sets that will bring smiles all round this Christmas. So, roll out the hoses, it’s time to put out the fire and save the day! The Fire Emergency Set will let your little one’s release their inner hero. Complete with a fire engine set, fire station and firefighters – an exciting day for your child and their fire crew is guaranteed. A wonderful alternative is our City Fire Station. Made entirely from high quality, responsibly sourced materials, its sturdy construction, removable panels and open plan design makes it a winner for group play. While its bright colours will sure attract inquisitive eyes. If that’s not enough to fascinate, the 30-piece Tidlo Wooden General Hospital Set sure will! Kitted to the brim with an air and road ambulance, ward beds, MRI scanner, x-ray machine and other accessories, you can’t go wrong with this if you’re looking for action-packed play.

The building blocks of learning and play

Wooden building blocks have long reigned supreme in the world of early years. They provide opportunities for endless games and play, all whilst enhancing fine motor skills, coordination, critical thinking and problem-solving. Our Zoo Building Blocks are a great demonstration of how all these essential skills can be developed all whilst “playing”. Children will transform into the role of the zookeeper, assemble their zoo to their liking and look after all their zoo animals! If a zookeeper is not your little one’s desired profession, then perhaps our Wooden Farmyard Building blocks will be better suited to them. Again allowing children to use their creativity, the blocks can be arranged according to their liking and design. Another great construction set is our Rainbow Wooden Jumbo Block Set. This more traditional set of cubes, pillars, arches and triangles will provide children with endless opportunities to create landscapes and buildings as they wish.

Fast and furious

Is it a car? Is it a train? For the transport-loving child, we have both! Guaranteed to spark imaginations as they make up their own stories and transport themselves to a world of fun, hours of fun can be had while playing with cars and trains. For car-obsessed little munchkins, the Tidlo Car Service Centre will certainly keep them entertained. Your little ones will have to wait a few years before they can get behind the wheel, so why not let them vroom and zoom around the house with our Eco Mini Vehicles or Wooden Sports Car Kit? No child’s vehicle collection is complete without a train set! If you’re after something that has the WOW factor, our City Road & Railway Set or Freight Train Set ticks that box. Much simpler in design but just as fun – Those in favour of classic traditional sets will love our Figure of 8 Train Set. Perfect for railway enthusiasts! We have plenty of vehicle options to choose from so, hop on board, enjoy the ride and get off to a racing start this Christmas!

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