Advice for COVID-19 Safe Sand Play

The benefits of play are immeasurable, but what we do know is that play helps children grow into strong, healthy, happy individuals. Sand play offers a multitude of benefits for early years, it is an open-ended activity that can support personal, social and emotional development as well as offering hours of unrestricted fun. An emerging concern amongst early year’s educators and parents is ensuring sand play is safe and hygienic.

Tips for Keeping Sand Play Safe during COVID-19

Read on for our top tips to make sand play safe and fun for all!

  • Change sand annually if not more frequently.
  • Ensure sandpits have adequate drainage.
  • Turn the sand over monthly to aerate it.
  • Expose the sand to sunshine and fresh air regularly as this is the most effective form of disinfectant.
  • Cover the sandpit when not in use. Plastic covers do not let the air through, can keep the sandpit damp and therefore create a perfect home for germs. Consider using fine wire to cover the sandpit as this ensures a fresh air supply and rain to clean the sand frequently.
  • Use toys/equipment that can be easily cleaned, disinfected and stored away safely
  • Remove any toys from the sandpit at the end of each day.
  • Rake sandpits before play and at several intervals during the day.
  • If you’re worried about close contact, use small trays so the children can explore sand individually
  • Finally, ensure EVERYONE washes their hands thoroughly before and after playing with the sand.

Check out our Sand and Water play resources and enjoy hours of COVID safe digging and splashing fun!

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