6 Activity Ideas For World Book Day

World Book Day is just around the corner and it’s the biggest celebration of its kind.

We celebrate World Book Day to salute authors, books, illustrators and to give all young children the opportunity to read and explore books of all kinds.

From dressing up, face paint and – of course – reading, you can embrace World Book Day in your own creative way, and we want to make sure you have a full day of exciting World Book Day activities, whether you’re at home or in the classroom!

Pick and choose from our easy yet inspiring World Book Day activities listed below and let us know how you get on using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. Create a new character from their favourite book

Ask your little one to think of a character name, a role and a back story!

Why not try starting them off by listing all of the characters in their favourite book and they ask them to think about somebody new to fit into the story. This not only encourages children to use their imagination but it also enables them to develop their emotional and social development.

2. Craft a new book cover

Let’s get crafty! By asking a few simple questions you can inspire children to draw a book cover for their very own book.

Using a simple craft set, ask the children to think about what the main characters may look like and let their imaginations run wild.

3. Act out their favourite story

For part of World Book Day children often dress up as their favourite character – so let’s make the most of it!

Inspire them to read their favourite book aloud and act out their character’s part, thinking about expressing body language and their emotion behind the story. Story sets and prompts can help with this too by acting as a safe reference point for children and helping them to expand their thought processes.

4. Create a mural or poster of characters

For a great way to incorporate arts & crafts play into your World Book Day activities, why not ask the children to think of their favourite character, and draw them on a poster or mural for the world to see! For this, you’ll need some bright & vibrant colours, along with a canvas to draw on.

5. Blind date with a book

One of the most important aspects of World Book Day is to encourage further reading. To help with this, why not play a little game of blind date – just with books!

Get a selection of books and wrap them in brown paper. Then, write a short description of the book on the wrapping, and put them out for your children to choose a book that sounds most appealing.

6. Write a sequel story

The great thing about World Book Day is that it encourages children to let their imaginations run wild.

With this in mind, why not turn your children into authors themselves and ask them to write a follow up to their favourite book? This can range from a few pages on the day, to a longer, continuous task that they can return to.

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