Hedgehog Straw Paintings – Autumn Crafts

Hedgehog Straw Painting - Autumn Crafts

These Hedgehog Straw Paintings are a great arts and crafts activity for the kids this autumn, using splattered paints to make the prickly hedgehogs! Read the simple instructions below to get started:

Hedgehog Straw Painting - Autumn Crafts

Art materials you will need:

Hedgehog Straw Painting - Autumn Crafts

Instructions for your Hedgehog Straw Paintings:

  1. Mix some poster paints in a tray for the hedgehog’s bodies. Mix the paint with water so the consistency is fairly runny.
  2. Use a brush to blob a small amount of paint onto a piece of white paper. Blow the paint with a straw to make a prickly pattern. Turn the paper round to blow the paint in a different direction.
  3. Make more paint patterns in the same way until you have several hedgehog shapes. Leave the paint to dry thoroughly.
  4. Cut around the paint patterns leaving a thin white border around the edges, trimming off any unwanted areas.
  5. Cut out some curved pieces from coloured paper for the hedgehogs’ heads. Glue the bodies onto the heads.
  6. Glue cut out noses and eyes onto the hedgehogs. Fill in the middles of the eyes with a black pen.
  7. Glue the hedgehogs onto a dark background with glittery stars and a moon to make a night-time scene.

Hints and Tips: Use smaller amounts of paint for making baby hedgehog shapes, or try combining several colours together for multi-coloured the prickles

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