Fun Flappy Owls – Autumn Crafts

Fun Flappy Owls - Autumn Crafts

These Fun Flappy Owls are a great autumn activity for the kids! Suitable for children aged 0 to 5 years. Read the simple instructions below to get started!

Fun Flappy Owls - Autumn Crafts

Art materials you will need:

Instructions for your Fun Flappy Owls:

  1. Cut a paper plate into an owl shape.
  2. With the other paper plate cut out two wings.
  3. Paint the owl and wings brown and leave to dry.
  4. Cut 2 circles out of card to make eyes. Snip around the edges up to the middle. Snip inside the cuts to make small gaps.
  5. Cut feet from orange card. Cut a beak too.
  6. Cut feather shapes from scraps of paper.
  7. Glue the bottle tops to the circular eyes. Stick on two eye stickers to the front of the bottle tops.
  8. Glue the eyes, beak and feet to the owl.
  9. Stick on the feathers to the owls tummy and a few to the wings.
  10. Ask an adult to make two small holes in the tops of the wings. Make two small holes in the sides of the owl. Fasten the wings to the owl by pushing through the paper fastener. Open the arms out flat on the back.

Did you know?

Young owls tend to get whiter with age. They stay warm as their feathers do not have any pigments which leaves more room for air, which helps to keep them warm. These owls are also protected against the cold by heavy feathers on their toes and legs.

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