Jiggy Jellyfish – Under The Sea Crafts

Jiggy Jellyfish

Dive into some underwater fun with these fabulous Jiggy Jellyfish crafts for kids. Get creative and enjoy ocean-themed arts and crafts this summer for your under the sea projects! This jellyfish crafts idea is ideal for children aged 0 to 5 years old. Read the simple instructions below to find out how to get started on your very own Jiggy Jellyfish:

Jiggy Jellyfish

Art materials you will need:

Instructions for your Jiggy Jellyfish:

Step 1: Paint the outside of the paper bowl and leave to dry.

Step 2:While the bowl is drying cut about 30 pieces of tissue paper and ribbon into varying lengths approximately 1cm in width.

Step 3:Once dry, pierce the bowl with a needle and thread to make a hanging loop.

Step 4:With the bowl the right way up, stick two or three strips of double-sided tape across the base.

Step 5:Press lengths of tissue paper and ribbon to the taped base, overlapping with more tape if necessary.

Step 6: Affix googly eyes.

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