Outdoor Maths Activities for Early Years

Outdoor Maths Activities for Early Years

“What is mathematics? It is a systematic effort of solving puzzles posed by nature”

– Shakuntala Devi

Looking for a more hands on approach to teaching maths? Summer is the perfect time to take mathematics outdoors! Try our outdoor maths activities to make outdoor learning fun and exciting.

Outdoors is the perfect setting for many cross-curricular learning opportunities, as it encourages physical activity and sparks a greater curiosity.

Taking maths outdoors refreshes the children’s learning environment and provides more space for activities. It also offers a wide range of creative learning opportunities, which allows you to explore and extend experiences.

Top 10 Outdoor Maths Activities and Ideas:

Shapes Fishing Game

Go fishing! Learn the principle geometric shapes of maths whilst also having some fun with this activity. One idea is to ask the kids to fish only for the numbers that fall in the 2 times tables category.

Outdoor maths activities

Hopscotch Outdoor Playmat

Everybody knows how to play hopscotch! Children can practice counting numbers whilst also having fun outside.

Outdoor maths activities

Number Pebbles

Taking maths outdoor could not be easier with these number pebbles! Teach the children how to do numeracy sums in a fun way. An idea could be to turn the pebbles upside down or hide them around your garden and the children can find the correct answers to your questions.

Outdoor maths activities

Giant Snakes and Ladders Game

This timeless game is a different and exciting way to practice numbers with children outside whilst also getting everyone involved!

Outdoor maths activities

Number and Symbol Spots

These large number and symbol spots can make teaching and learning sums easier and clearer. The children can answer the sums and switch out the answers easily. A fun idea could be to give the children a big number and then the kids have to make the sum that results in that number.

Outdoor maths activities

Free Standing Whiteboard

Just the right height! Quite literally taking the classroom outside with this whiteboard, allowing children to practice their numeracy skills.

Outdoor maths activities

Natural Sorting Tray

This sorting tray can be used to teach children how to count and sort groups of numbers. A fun idea could be to scatter the different counters around your outdoor space, tasking the children to sort out the counters correctly.

Giant Netting Number Crabs

Another way to practice counting with the children! One idea could be to group the children into 2,3 or 5 times tables for example, and the children have to go find the crabs with their nets that fall into their times table groups.

Outdoor Number Board

This number board makes for the perfect outdoor poster for maths! Younger children can go up to the board and practice their numbers and counting skills.

Outdoor maths activities

Number Cones

These number cones are a great way to incorporate exercise with maths! Set the cones up in your outdoor area and ask the kids to run to all the ‘even’, ‘odd’ or ‘prime’ number cones.

Time to get hands on with maths!

For more inspiration, take a look at our exciting range of Outdoor Maths resources to enhance your nursery, pre-school or early years setting.

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