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Father's Day Medals

“A good father is a source of inspiration”

Dr. T.P.Chia

Father’s Day is approaching fast! Give the ultimate homemade personal gift this year with these Father’s Day Medals. Suitable for all ages. Read the simple instructions below to get started:

Father's Day Medals

Art materials you will need:

Instructions for your Father’s Day Medals:

Step 1: Draw around a bowl or plate onto thick card to make a circle shape, 12cm-15cm in diameter. Corrugated card from a box is ideal for this to make a strong background for the medal. Cut out the card circle. (adult help)

Step 2: To make the letter shapes, bend some pipe cleaners in half then twist to make them thicker. Bend the pipe cleaners into letter shapes. Twist the ends together so the letters stay in shape. Check the letters fit onto the card circle, trim or re-shape the pipe cleaners if the letters are too big.

Step 3: Brush plenty glue over the card circle, leave to dry for a few minutes until the glue gets tacky then press the letters in position. Leave to dry.

Step 4: Brush some glue over the letters and card then press a big piece of tissue paper over the top. Press down carefully over the letters, starting in the middle of the medal then pressing outwards towards the edge, so the letter shapes are still visible under the tissue. If the tissue paper tears, paste a small piece over the top to cover the hole. Glue the tissue around the sides of the medal onto the back. Leave to dry.

Step 5: Use a small sponge to dab paint over the letters so they stand out clearly. Dab paint around the edge of the medal then add some sticky stars or cut out decorations.

Step 6: Tape a long piece of ribbon to the back of the medal.

Hints and Tips: Make a ‘D’ from a single pipe cleaner; twist the ends together to make a circle then straighten one side.

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