The Benefits of Height Adjustable Furniture

Height Adjustable Furniture has been around for a while, but what makes it so appealing to schools, nurseries and settings?

Here are just a few benefits of investing in Height Adjustable Furniture…

Height Adjustable Furniture Infographic

Health: Children spend a long time sitting at tables during the day, for a significant portion of their lives. It is therefore paramount that the furniture they are using, chairs or tables, can support this strain on the body. If desks are too low or too tall, this can affect children’s posture. This may not sound too bad, but over time this bad posture can result in significant health problems such as back pain in later life.

Accessibility: Height Adjustable Furniture is just that; adjustable. This means that it can easily be adapted to improve accessibility for children who need further consideration, such as children who require wheelchair access. Being able to lower or add more height to a table can improve accessibility within a classroom, and help them become a more inclusive place for all children.

Efficiency: Sourcing classroom furniture can be a logistical nightmare, with some furniture suffering more wear and tear than others due to differing age groups, class size and activities. Height Adjustable Furniture allows you to make some of the logistics easier. Instead of purchasing multiple tables, all different sizes, Schools and other settings can purchase one size for all, and adjust accordingly depending on its purpose. It also means that the furniture works wonders as a spare; it doesn’t matter which table needs to be replaced, as one table fits all heights!

Longevity: The adaptability of Height Adjustable Furniture makes it more adaptable, and therefore less likely to experience wear and tear. This means it lasts longer!

Our own range of Height Adjustable Tables includes all different colours, shapes, and sizes – allowing you to choose the right style as well as the perfect fit!

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