STEM Tuff Tray Activities for Spring

spring stem tuff tray activities

Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering and math”
— Ainissa Ramirez

Introduce STEM into the early years this British Science Week (11-20th March) and engage children in STEM learning through our range of hands-on and fun tuff tray activities for spring. Tuff trays are a fantastic open-ended resource which provide an array of exciting learning opportunities. By creating exciting spring STEM based set ups in your tuff tray, children will be able to observe and explore different concepts, ask questions about the world around them and engage with STEM through play.

What is STEM?

STEM is an important part of our everyday lives, which enhances the children’s creative thinking and problem solving skills. Simply, STEM is the abbreviation of ‘science, technology, engineering and maths’. Instead of looking at each topic as an individual and separate subject, STEM is a way of thinking which integrates them into a model based on real world concepts. It encourages children to experiment and explore new concepts, whilst fostering their natural curiosity of the world around them.

How to use a Tuff Tray for Spring STEM Activities

Spring into STEM! Place the Spring Tuff Tray Mat into your tuff tray to create a beautiful spring backdrop and add Honey Bee Number Stones, Bug Counters and Bug Pebbles to set the wonderful spring scene. The possibilities are endless with the Spring Tuff Tray Mat and you can incorporate STEM through many different tuff tray play activities using our mat.

spring tuff tray mat for stem

Spark discussion!

Ask the children questions such as:

  • “How many flowers can you see?”
  • “Can you name the different parts of the flower?” (i.e. stem, petal)
  • “Can you name the different bugs?”
  • “How many legs does the ladybird have?”

Get hands-on!

  • How many bug counters can you fit on the leaf?
  • Can you replicate the flowers on the spring tuff tray mat using pattern blocks?
  • Can you make different flowers using the pattern blocks?
  • Use jumbo magnifiers to inspect the bugs up close
  • Place your tuff tray on an angle to explore gravity as insect figures race down the mat
  • Explore the life cycle of a butterfly in your tuff tray garden with our butterfly life cycle figure set

Get snappy!

  • Use a digital camera to take a picture of your tuff spot, then head outside to try and find the real life insects and flowers from the tuff tray scene using our minibeast spotter

Now it’s time to spring into STEM and try some fun spring-themed tuff tray activities to develop the children’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on – send us your spring STEM pictures on Facebook.

Need more STEM inspiration?

For even more STEM and STEAM inspiration, explore our extensive range of STEM Resources on our website – including a range of resources for number recognition, sorting, shape, space, seasons, weather, force, motion, life cycles, ICT, coding and much more.

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