Outdoor Winter Activities for Early Years

outdoor winter activities for kids

Are you ready to take on winter? The winter weather might be frightful…but it’s time to grab your winter warmers and head outside for some fun outdoor winter activities with the kids.

Don’t let the brisk winter chill put you off taking the children outdoors! Outdoor play is extremely important for a child’s development – as it enhances their physical activity, mental wellbeing, independence and creativity. Winter is the perfect time to explore new and unique outdoor learning opportunities, so we have put together a list of un-brr-lievable outdoor winter play activity ideas for early years to excite and delight.

Top 12 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids:

Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt

It’s time to spot the signs of winter! Print out our FREE Winter Scavenger Hunt spotter sheet and head outside on an exciting winter adventure trail to see how many winter items you can find on the list. From squirrels and robins to pine cones and evergreen trees, there are lots of different things to spot during the wonderful winter months. This activity would be great for forest school, for days out beyond the classroom and also makes a great weekend activity.

winter scavenger hunt for kids

Create Large Art Creations

Let’s get creative! Take your art activities outdoors with our Jumbo Outdoor Mark Making Kit. Get the little ones to make bigger brush strokes to use their larger muscle groups and build those gross motor skills. This fabulous outdoor making kit has everything you need to create large scale masterpieces. Children should experience learning, playing and creating outdoors no matter the weather. If it’s cold outside just make sure you are all wrapped up warm!

jumbo outdoor mark making kit

Blow Bubbles

Is it really cold? Then try blowing Bubbles outside to see how frost patterns form on them. Blow the bubbles next to a cold surface so that they don’t break in the air, and use a Bubble Wand to catch them!

frosty bubble blowing

Decorate a Tree Outside

It’s time to get festive! Get the little ones to create their very own Christmas Tree Decorations and then take them outside to decorate a tree outdoors for Christmas.

outdoor christmas tree decorating

Go on a Bear Hunt

Winter is the ideal time for a brisk woodland walk, so why not incorporate stories to make your walks even more exciting? We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is perfect for getting the children’s imaginations racing.

woodland bear hunt walk kids

Build a Den  

It’s time to create the ultimate outdoor den! Print out our FREE Den Making Guide and grab the essential Den Making Resources to build your hideaway. Great for enhancing the children’s teamwork skills and sparking creativity.

den making

Run an Obstacle Course

Keep the children moving! Let the children design their own Obstacle Course to encourage physical activity and use of all gross motor skills – even throughout the colder months.

kids obstacle course

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Follow the star! Create an exciting treasure hunt where the kids follow the Star until they discover a yummy treat at the end. Each star will contain a physical activity (for example, 10 star jumps) and a clue to find the next star.

 follow the star treasure hunt

Create an Ice Tuff Spot

Oh no… There has been an extreme freeze and all of the Polar Animal Figures are trapped inside ice cubes on your Tuff Tray. How will you save them? (Tip: use Food Colouring to dye the ice for an additional sensory touch!)

polar ice cube

Build a Wall

It’s time to exercise those gross motor skills! Grab your hard hats and Pretend Bricks, and head outside to enjoy some fun large construction activities.

pretend brick building

Play Football Games

Let’s get active! Ball Games, such as football, are just perfect for the winter months. Not only are they lots of fun, but they also increase the children’s physical activity and help to improve their social skills.

winter football kids

Build a Snowman

Has it snowed? Then let’s get wrapped up warm and go make frosty the snowman!

child building snowman
outdoor play resources

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