Inside A Childminders Setting

Childminder settings come in all shapes and sizes, with different approaches and resources. So whether you take an open-ended play approach, outdoor learning focus, or naturals and neutrals approach to childminding, the objective always remains the same … to provide the best possible childcare.

Meet the childminders!

Three childminders, Pebbles Childcare, the Natural Childminder and Childcare Adventures, have let us take a peek inside their fabulous childminding settings, to show us how they best utilise the space in their setting and to help inspire other childminders.

Chloe and Bridgit, Pebbles Childcare:

childminders setting pebbles childcare playroom living room

“We have a small designated playroom of which we rotate resources and change the physical set up each week to continually meet the ever-changing needs and interests of our children, whilst also utilising our own outdoor space as well as the local community too.

childminders setting pebbles childcare playroom

We draw from a range of pedagogies to provide an exceptional enabling environment with ‘loose parts’ resources being freely accessible throughout the setting and learning areas to challenge the children’s thinking and inspire their play. We also adopt a Froebelian approach in regards to using the outdoors and natural world whilst being huge advocates of risky play; incorporating the elements; earth, wind, fire and water into every day activities.”

childminders setting pebbles childcare garden outdoor play

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Sam, the Natural Childminder:

childminders setting the natural childminder garden outdoor play

“Our focus is on our outdoor space as we spend the majority of our time playing outside. We love playing in our mud kitchen and the water tray is an absolute favourite. We have a tuff tray, which we change weekly. One week it could be a sand pit and the next week its a dinosaur land! We were gifted a wooden cable reel, it fits perfectly in our garden and has endless uses!

childminders setting the natural childminder playroom

Inside we play in our playroom. We have a good variety of wooden toys and have created a home corner with play kitchen, table and chairs and a dolls highchair and cot. Bags and hats hang on the wall making them easily accessible and inviting. We keep our play areas neutral and introduce natural materials to create a sense of calm and tranquility. As much as possible areas are simple and uncluttered. We are an eco-conscious setting so as much as possible, we avoid buying plastic, instead we stick to real items that we find in charity shops or open ended wooden toys.”

childminders setting the natural childminder outdoor play

Hannah, Childcare Adventures:

childminders setting childcare adventures garden outdoor play

“My garden is where I do most of my childcare as I currently have a small terraced house. My garden is laid with astro turf and has wooden decking at the back with an inbuilt sand pit. Along the walls of my garden I’ve built a water wall with a variety of pipes and buckets for water play. My areas of play in the garden are a mud kitchen which is great for imaginative play, a sand pit that I use for balls or fill with water for play with scoops etc. I also have a Wendy House that is used daily. There are also a variety of wooden and plastic play things, such as boats, play food, train track etc.

childminders setting childcare adventures kitchen

Inside most of my play centres around my kitchen. Baking and pizza making are firm favourites amongst the small ones! I use a tuff tray for indoor small world play, messy play and any kind of sensory activity. I have a set of shelves set aside completely for childcare activities. I also have boxes set aside containing musical instruments, dress up, cars etc.

childminders setting childcare adventures living room

My current house is only small and so I want to reassure you that no matter what the size of your setting you can make it work!”

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