Elf Shelf Sitters – Christmas Crafts

Make these festive little Elf Shelf Sitters with the children this Elf Day (December 4th) and encourage some Christmas creativity! Read these simple instructions below to get started:

Art Materials You Will Need:

STEP 1: Cut a strip of flesh toned felt and glue it around the lower part of a paper cup. Cut a circle of the same colour and glue it on the base of the cup.

STEP 2: Cut a strip of red felt and glue it around the top part of the cup.

STEP 3: Cut two ear shapes from flesh toned felt and glue them onto the elf’s head.

STEP 4: Cut a hat and a bow tie from green felt and glue them into place. Add arms and hands too.

STEP 5: Cut two long strips of white felt and glue them inside the cup to make long legs. Add shoe shapes cut from black felt.

STEP 6: Glue on two buttons and add a smiling face with black paint or pen.

elf shelf sitters christmas crafts


Make a Father Christmas in the same way, with a red suit trimmed with strips of white felt fabric.

We would love to see how you get on! Send us pictures of your masterpieces on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and don’t forget to use the hashtag #EYRhub.

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