Zombie Survival Kit for Kids – Halloween Ideas

Forget trick or treating this Halloween … it’s time to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse. Get ready to save the world from those pesky zombies with the essential EYR Zombie Survival Kit for kids – containing everything you need to survive a zombie outbreak!

zombie survival kit for kids - infographic

Children’s Zombie Survival Kit:

You never know when the next zombie outbreak is about to happen, so we have complied a list of essential resources you need to create the ultimate zombie survival kit to make sure that you know how to survive the zombie apocalypse:

1. Torch

Make sure that you can find your way around in the dark with these handy torches, so that you never get caught out exploring those unfamiliar surroundings in search of zombies.

2. Compass

Never get lost hunting for your new hideout destination with this essential navigation tool.

3. Walkie Talkies

Keep in touch with your best pals, wherever your adventure takes you, with this vital communication tool.

4. Binoculars

Stay on the lookout for those pesky zombies and always be one step ahead of the game with these essential children’s binoculars.

5. Bubble Blaster

Blow those zombies away with a pop!

6. Cape & Mask

On a zombie-busting mission to save the world? Stay undercover and keep your identity safe with the superhero cape and mask set!

7. Snuggle Buddy

Keep your favourite cuddle buddy close to keep those odd little worries and niggles away.

8. Tool Belt

Fix anything that gets in your way on your zombie adventure!

9. Den Kit

This den kit contains everything you need to create the ultimate survival shelter and conquer the elements!

10. Camp Stove

Keep your energy levels up whilst you are hatching exciting plans to get rid of those pesky zombies and stay fuelled on the go!

11. Walking Rope

It’s tough staying together when there are Zombies about… which makes a walking rope essential so that you never lose each other! Stay together and move quickly with this essential resource for emergencies.

Now you are fully prepared to survive a zombie outbreak this Halloween. Get your bubble blasters ready at hand for the undead!

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