Space Storytime Set – Product Review

This review has been written by early years consultant, Anne Rodgers, from ATR Consultancy.

EYR Space Storytime Set Review

I recently received a lovely space storytime set with all space related activities and toys inside it. It reminded me of learning about when man landed on the moon as a small child at school and being fascinated with how that could happen. This story time bag contains two lovely little puppets of a star and an alien that can go with singing time; ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ songs.

Next, there is a rocket game which is brilliant fun for 4-7 years old’s and teaches space, distance, planets, rockets and is a really good matching game with a little bit of competition build in to see who can build the best vapour trail. Younger children can play a ‘two the same’ matching game with the picture cards too.

Two lovely books complete the space storytime set. One is a story about how Pluto is no longer a planet so goes off on a quest to find out who he is, brilliant for belonging and finding your own place in the world and about fitting in. The other book is a beautifully illustrated, lift the flap, space book showing different aspects of space and the planets.

All in all this is a lovely resource for space projects and can go with many of the other space related toys that Early Years Resources do.

Meeting the EYFS:

  • Personal, social and emotional development – the story book on Pluto finding where he belongs is excellent to reinforce ‘a unique child’ and about how we are all different yet have similarities.
  • Communication and language – the finger puppets are a good prop for songs and stories.
  • Literacy – good books and information for budding astronauts.
  • Maths – the game is brilliant for number, space, shapes and measures and counting and matching skills.
  • Understanding the world – learning about space and the planets in the solar system.

This is a really useful story time set and would be enjoyed by all who discover it!

About Anne Rodgers

Anne Rodgers is an Early Years Consultant (ATR Consultancy) and Writer. Anne has 36 years’ experience of working in the childcare and education sector – including training practitioners, managing numerous settings over the years and writing articles for Early Years Educator and the CACHE Alumni website.

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