Make Your Own Galaxy Painting [VIDEO]

What could be better than making your own super space painting with the children! We have everything you need to do this fun activity and decorate your classroom, setting or home.

Simply follow our easy step-by-step crafts guide below or watch our video tutorial and get creative with the children.

How to Make Your Own Galaxy Painting

Art Materials You Will Need:

Step 1: choose your colours, we stuck to the space theme and used blue, purple and silver but you can use any and make your own funky universe.

Step 2: fill up your paint spritzers and you’re ready to go.

Step 3: lay out your paper and it’s time to spray!

Step 4: add some sparkle, glittered paint adds a great finishing touch.

Step 5: why don’t you go in with our Paint Sticks or Chubby Chalk to draw some last finishing touches such as stars.

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