Make Halloween Cards – Halloween Crafts

Make these spooky Halloween cards to use as party invitations or decorations! This craft activity is suitable for 5-7 years. Read the simple instructions below to get started:

Art materials you will need:

STEP 1: Firstly, fold the orange piece of A4 in half to create the background to the card. Using the templates trace and cut out the black cat’s face, nose and mouth detail.

STEP 2: Using a pair of scissors carefully cut out the eye shapes on both sides so there are two eye-shaped holes.

STEP 3: Next cut out a piece of yellow acetate big enough to cover both eye holes and secure with sticky tape on the inside of the card.

STEP 4: Cut the paper straws into 6 equal lengths, approx 8cm long for the whiskers.

STEP 5: Glue the nose, mouth and whiskers into place.

STEP 6: Finally, glue on the buttons on the front of the eyes.

Hints and Tips: If you haven’t got any acetate, then you could use tissue paper or recycled plastic instead for the light to shine through. And you could use pipe cleaners instead of straws for whiskers!

Did you know?

  • In the middle ages black cats became associated with witchcraft which is why they are a popular Halloween symbol. Black cats were also taken on ships by sailors to be the ship cat to bring good luck and to keep the rodent population down!
  • Pumpkins are classed as squash and originated in North America . Seeds have been found that date back to 7000 BC!
  • The name pumpkin comes from the Greek word for large melon which is ‘pepon’ Pumpkins are often carved as jack-o-lanterns for decorations at Halloween.

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