Make A Magic Wood – Autumn Crafts

How to create a magical woodland setting

Model your own clay fairy folk in a wicked woodland setting, adding spellbinding secret doors and tiny toadstools to create the perfect enchanting environment. An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 7 – 11.

Art materials you will need:

How to make a door:

  1. Cut a rectangle from some brown play dough and flatten it.
  2. Using the tools, cut and shape the top into an arch and create any desired pattern on top.
  3. Add a door handle and framing to bring the door to life.

How to make a spotty mushroom:

  1. To create the cap of the mushroom, take a piece of red clay and roll into a ball, pressing around the sides with your fingers, then use your thumb to create a hole underneath.
  2. Roll some white clay into a stalk shape and add the red mushroom cap on.
  3. Roll some small bits of white clay and add to the mushroom cap to give the desired spotty effect.

How to make a fairy with a leafy hat:

  1. To create the fairy body, shape some modelling clay into a small egg shape. Cut a strip 2cm x 5cm from a flat rectangular piece of clay and use a modelling tool to cut triangles along one side, creating a zigzag shape.
  2. Carefully lift the zigzag strip of clay and wrap it around the body, pressing the ends of it together.
  3. To create the head, roll some clay into a round shape adding a little extra for the nose, using the straw to add a smile and using a cocktail stick to make 2 holes for the eyes. Then add simply add the head to the body.
  4. Cut out some flower shapes using a cutter or a modelling tool and press them onto the head so they overlap, adding a stalk to create the desired drooping leaf effect.

How to make a fairy with an acorn hat:

  1. Create another body and head for the fairy.
  2. To create the cloak, cut some clay into a flat triangle and wrap it around the body, adding a little piece of clay for a button.
  3. For the acorn hat, flatten a little ball of dough into a circle and use the straw to create a pattern, which can be seen in the image below, and press on top of the head. Add a little stalk to create the effect of an acorn.

How to make a fairy with a pointed hat:

  1. Create another body and head for the fairy.
  2. To create the cloak, flatten a piece of round clay and cut a quarter section away. Press this cloak onto the body.
  3.  For the pointed hat, roll some clay into a cone and use a pencil to make a wide hole at the opposite end to the pointed end. Then simply pull the edges out at the base to give the impression of a hat. Add this hat the head.


Use a piece of dark wood or a painted background for the door to lean against. Glue some dried moss, glitter, ribbons and leaves around the door and floor to add to the magical setting.

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