How To Make Autumnal Woodland Wishes Cards

Say hello to our woodland friends this Autumn and make these delightful cards using up your scraps of card and felt along the way!

Art materials you will need:

How to make a wise owl card:

  1. Take a sheet of light brown card measuring approx. 24cm x 17cm and fold in half to make a vertical card.
  2. On to a piece of paper draw an owl’s body, feet, wings and eyes using the image below as a guide.
  3. Cut out the drawings and pin to the following colours of felt, dark brown for the tree, wings and outer eyes. Light brown for the body and tummy and cream for the feet and beak.
  4. Cut the features out of the felt and gather them together.
  5. Starting with the tree, glue this to the front of the light brown card and then glue on the feet followed by the body, tummy, wings and beak.
  6. Stick on some googly eyes.
  7. Add some white dashes of felt to the tree trunk and also to the owl’s belly

How to make a little Deer card:

  1. Choose your desired coloured card and fold to create a vertical card.
  2. Next, cut a piece of patterned paper in complementary colours, to fit along the bottom of the card. Using glue to stick the paper in place.
  3. As with the owl, see above, trace and cut out the shapes that make up the deer. These are a body, tail, face, ears and eyes.
  4. Use the dark brown felt for the body and inner eye and the cream felt for the tail, muzzle and inner ear.
  5. Glue the features onto the deer’s body and then glue everything onto the front of the card.
  6. Add some googly eyes.
  7. Finally, add some tiny spots of white fabric paint to the deer’s back and nose.

How to make a squirrel card:

  1. Take a piece of coloured card and fold to create a horizontal card.
  2. Next, cut a piece of patterned paper, a little small than the front of the card, and glue it. Ensuring there is a small border around the card.
  3. Once again, trace and cut out the shapes to create the squirrel. These are: a body, ears, eyes and tail.
  4. Use a reddish felt for the body and a cream felt for the inner eye and ear.
  5. To make the acorn, trace and cut the shapes out, using dark brown for the base of the acorn and cream for the top half.
  6. Glue the squirrel along with the inner ear and eye to the card. Not forgetting to glue to acorn so it appears to be in the squirrels hands.
  7. Add googly eyes.
  8. Finally, add a dash of white fabric paint to the top of the acorn.


  • Mix up the colour of the card and felts and add a ribbon border to bring the cards to life.
  • Find an image of your chosen animal online and trace it or draw freehand!

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