How to Create a Magical Fairy Tale Set Up – Tuff Tray Inspiration

Make the most magical small world set up in your tuff tray and support imaginative play. Your little ones will love creating and playing in their fairy garden and can add various elements to really make it their own. Once complete you can encourage communication and language development by asking your little ones to tell stories about the fairies and what they get up to. A fantastic rainy day activity!

You will need:

To create your magical fairy garden:

How to create your fairy door

  1. Start by cutting a piece of cardboard to the shape you would like
  2. Then fix lolly sticks to the cardboard in a row using glue
  3. Once dry cut your lolly sticks to match the shape of the cardboard template
  4. Add decorations to your door using crayons – we added swirls to ours

How to make a toadstool:

  1. Simply pinch off a bit of red clay and roll into a ball
  2. Flatten the ball using your thumb
  3. Next add a blob of PVA glue onto your white pom pom and add your clay on top
  4. Wait to dry and there you have your mushroom!

Assembly Ideas:

  • Start by adding a layer of sand to your tuff tray until it covers the base
  • Then add your log stumps and other natural materials
  • We also created a little pond using a mirror beneath the sand and lining it with pebbles
  • Add your mushrooms and flowers
  • Finally, add your door to give your fairy a little home!

Why not add some small world fairy figures to bring your set up to life!

We would love to see your versions of this fairy tale set up! Share your creations with us on social media by tagging us or using the hashtag #ExploreWithEYR

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