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How To Make Colour Sorting Trees

Fun in the fall! Enhance the children’s mathematical skills with Colour Sorting Trees – a fun and engaging sorting game for Autumn. Follow our simple how to crafts guide below to discover how to create these beautiful colour sorting trees.

Art materials you will need:

To make colour sorting trees, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Take 2 sheets of A3 white card. Line them up side by side (landscape orientation). Place a piece of sticky tape along the centre to join the sheets together.
  2. Next, take the sheet of light brown card and a pencil. Trace 4 identical tree shapes on the sheet. Neatly cut out with scissors. Stick the trees onto the joined sheet of card.
  3. Use a black pen and sheet of white paper to make colour labels. Write out the colours: RED, BROWN, YELLOW and GREEN. Neatly cut out the labels then stick them above the trees.
  4. Take the remaining sheets of coloured card and a pair of scissors. Cut out 5 leaves in each colour. You are now ready to play the colour sorting game!
  5. Mix up the coloured leaves then place them in a pile on the floor. Work with the child to select a leaf and match it up to the tree with the correct colour label. Continue until all the leaves have been matched. Repeat the activity with the child on different occasions to reinforce learning.

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