Taking Storytime Back to Nature

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days 

Tonya and Natasha will be in Manchester on Friday 28th June delivering two workshops ‘Introducing Maths with Stories‘ and ‘Taking Stories Outside‘.

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It’s great to be able to make the most of the summer weather, and I’m sure we’re all hoping for a repeat of last year!

Children love all that fresh air but sometimes it’s just too hot to be running around, so what better way of helping them cool down then getting them to create and tell stories outside? There are lots of ways you can make up stories just by using your location, whatever you see and a little bit of imagination!

If you’re out in the garden why not let the children make a den in a corner just to use for storytelling.  It could be somewhere you can all sit in the shade just to tell stories, making it a special and magical place. You could have a special storytelling chair where the person who’s telling the story would sit and tell their stories. This might be a log stump or a special cushion or even an upturned pot!

Then look around the garden, what do you see? Perhaps you spot a bee buzzing around the flowers, where has he been? Where is he going to next? How many gardens has he visited and what has he seen on his travels? Why not give him a name? You could make up a whole story of what he’s been up to just by asking a few questions. The children will love this and it’s a great way for them to learn a bit about nature.

Maybe you are taking the children to the park for a picnic. What do you see? Is there someone there you can make up a story about like the park keeper or the gardener? Or maybe you could include some of the play equipment like a magic roundabout or a magic swing that transports you off somewhere? The children would find this really exciting! Just remember to use all your 5 senses as this will really bring your story to life.

The stories you can make up with the children are endless and they will love it as they have got such vivid imaginations. A plant pot might be just a plant pot to you or me, but to them it could be a snail’s house or even a rocket launcher!

So what are the benefits for taking stories outside?

  • It gets everyone out in the fresh air
  • It improves our understanding of the world around us
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Improves speaking and listening skills
  • It helps us to relax which is good for our mental health
  • Helps us bond with the children and creates some great long lasting memories.

For some hands-on experience of how to create stories using the outside world and to enhance the experience of storytelling, why not join us at the Holiday Inn Express at the Trafford Centre, Manchester on the 28th June for our workshop ‘Taking Stories Outside‘.

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