How to Breathe Fresh Air into your Storytime

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days 

When the weather is lovely we all like to be outside to make the most of it and it’s a fantastic way to boost your children’s storytelling skills.

Stories are everywhere but we can also take them anywhere. For instance why not play a game of giant steps. Start the story off, then everyone takes a giant step and you tell the next part of the story, then take another giant step and tell the next part and so on. At our next workshop on 28th June we will teach you how you can break down a story to do this.

Lots of stories have characters you meet along the way such as, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Handa’s Surprise or Room on the Broom. You could have children with character puppets dotted around the garden and you have to go to each one to tell the story.

You can use what you have around you in the garden, for instance if you have a log why not make some owl baby finger puppets and get the children retelling the story of the Owl Babies. Tuff trays are great outside or under a canopy if it’s raining and you can create different settings from the story in them, for example with Going on a Bear Hunt you can have a section for the grass, the water the mud, trees and snow. Working around the tuff tray the children can then walk their fingers through to tell the story.

If you want to do some den building, then the Three Little Pigs is a great story to go with that. Also why not make the most of having the extra space. You could tell the story of the Enormous Turnip and add a few more characters and act out everyone pulling the turnip.

The key thing is to have fun with it. It will also help the children to take in their environment if they are regularly looking for ways to tell stories just by using something that they see whilst they are out and about. 

For more practical and inspirational ideas why not join us on the 28th June for our workshop on Taking Stories Outside.

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