Summer Sports: Rounders, Cricket, Tennis and more!

The Summer term has begun and in the blink of an eye, Sports Day will be here!

But before that day arrives, we still have many weeks of Summer sport to get involved in first. The next few months are ideal for encouraging children to get active outdoors with (hopefully) warmer weather on the horizon.


Over the next few months the world of tennis springs to life with the French Open, The US Open and of course, Wimbledon all taking place. Within recent years (undoubtedly due to figures such as Andy Murray), tennis has grown rapidly in popularity, and this is something which can be capitalised upon with children.

It is also a very adaptable sport; there are both group and individual games and activities that can be done using tennis resources. It is great for beginners too! Children can learn at their own pace without affecting others around them.

tennis resources


In the lead up to Sports Day it is good to practice the essential athletics activities! Throwing, catching, running, jumping; anything can be made into a fun game or competition.

Similarly to tennis, athletics is adaptable and does not limit activities to one skill level. The runners can run, the throwers can throw! There’s always something for everyone to engage in.


The ultimate summer sport! Cricket is a fantastic team sport to play, and like athletics, there’s a role for everybody! You can even encourage the development of maths skills with the scoring.

Playing a simple game of cricket is wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination, not to mention throwing and running skills. It is also ideal for when the weather gets a bit hotter.


Rounders has it all; throwing, catching and running!

Like cricket, it is a team sport and is lots of fun for children to get involved in. It is also adaptable for beginners; you can use foam bats and balls to start with before trying out the sturdier bats.

Sports Day Essentials

And then the big one… Sports Day!

Always a fun day, when everyone gets involved and does their best. It’s the taking part that counts after all! There are lots of activities to choose from including running, hurdling, throwing, jumping, and of course the sack race!

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