How stories can cover more areas of the EYFS curriculum

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days 

How stories can cover more areas of the EYFS curriculum than just language and communication

Stories are one of the most versatile tools you can use when educating children and if you combine them with other creative activities they become even more powerful!

Not only that but combining stories with creative activities, such as puppet making, will also give you the confidence to know that you can fulfil every aspect of that all important EYFS curriculum.

So how does creative storytelling cover all of the EYFS?

Obviously stories are an excellent way for children to experience a rich language environment and to broaden their vocabulary but making puppets and props also gives the children the opportunity to talk and work together, it gives them the chance to speak and listen as well as allowing them to develop their own narratives and explanations so they start to make sense of situations.

It’s also great for their fine motor skills and dexterity as they learn how to hold pencils and paint brushes or use scissors, so it really helps with their physical development. At the same time they are also exploring different media and materials as they learn how to experiment with all sorts of things from paper and cardboard to fabric as well as learning how to use templates.

Creative storytelling is great for helping them to develop their team building skills as they learn how to work with others. A crucial skill they will need as they go through their lives. It will help them to understand the feelings of others and how to act or not act in different situations, so they will learn how to develop empathy and interact with their peers.

And of course, stories are a great way for children to understand the world we live in, they can be used to relate cultural events such as Christmas, Diwali or even the gunpowder plot.

So as you can see creative storytelling is extremely versatile and is a great multi-sensory and inclusive way for children to learn – so go on what’s stopping you?

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Little Creative Days

little creative days

Tonya and Natasha, the storytelling sisters, are authors of a series of books about a little dog called Pojo who gets itchy paws and goes off on adventures.

They have won multiple awards for their puppet making kits that accompany the stories including Teach Early Years Excellence award for Communication and Language Resource.

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