How can parents boost their child’s vocabulary?

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days 

A child learning to speak their first words is one of those magical times and once they start there’s usually no stopping them. But children need to know how to put those words into context and there’s no better way of doing that than with a story!

Unfortunately, not all parents read to their children and this can be for any number of reasons. It may be that their parents didn’t do it with them so they don’t associate the benefits of reading to their children, or maybe they struggle with their own literacy skills.

But being able to make up stories with their children can help to overcome some of those issues as well as allowing them to bond with their child and spend quality time with them so they build positive relationships.

What most people don’t realise is that we all tell stories every day, it’s what makes us human and being able to make up a story isn’t as terrifying as it sounds as the more you do it the easier it gets.

So what storytelling games can you play in the nursery or suggest to the parents?

Why not put some random items into a jacket or a bag and make up a story about who the jacket or bag belongs to and incorporate the random objects into the story.

They could play a storytelling relay where one person starts the story by saying the first sentence and the next one says the next sentence and so on. You can play this with just two people or you could play it with several and really have some fun with it.

Or maybe the parents can start a story and the children have to finish it.

The thing is making up stories is not as difficult as it sounds and it’s fun for all the family as well as a great way to make some lasting memories.

For more storytelling inspiration, why not try our Really Random Story Bags? A wonderful starting point for creating stories and a great speaking and listening resource.

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Little Creative Days

little creative days

Tonya and Natasha, the storytelling sisters, are authors of a series of books about a little dog called Pojo who gets itchy paws and goes off on adventures.

They have won multiple awards for their puppet making kits that accompany the stories including Teach Early Years Excellence award for Communication and Language Resource.

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