Inspection reports – key recommendations for settings

In a report published at the beginning of the Autumn term, Early Years Fundamentals made some key recommendations for settings based on the analysis of 2,947 Ofsted reports.

This is what they had to say….

  1. Do you use the Early Years Inspection Handbook?

Although the EYFS is the statutory framework that shapes our practice, becoming familiar with the Early Years Inspection Handbook will enable us to have a clear understanding of what our inspectors will be looking at and for during our inspection.

  1. How do you know your monitoring and evaluation systems are effective?

Providers should review their current monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that the leadership team has an accurate view of:

a. the quality of teaching and learning,

b. the progress that children are making,

c. and the setting’s ability to meet the welfare requirements.

  1. Are your performance management activities helping staff to develop the quality of teaching and learning?

Those with a responsibility for the management of staff need to have a secure understanding of how to implement effective performance management systems so that they can have a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

  1. Don’t just focus on your actions and recommendations

Leadership teams need to use the entirety of their inspection report to guide improvement planning, not just the section that highlights ‘What the setting needs to do to improve further’ I.e. the actions and recommendations made by the inspector. This will ensure that any important points that did not become actions/recommendations are not overlooked and will reduce the likelihood of the issue being raised in subsequent inspections.

  1. Understand where actions and recommendations came from

When identifying priorities for improvement, settings should use the main body of the report to understand how the action came about. This will ensure that robust and exhaustive actions are taken to address any issues raised.

Read the full executive summary from Early Years Fundamentals here: Inspection Trends: A Report for the Early Years Private, Voluntary & Independent Sector


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