Leaf Prints – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Leaf Prints

What better way to celebrate the colourful Autumn season than with some colourful leaf crafts! This simple, yet fun, idea is a great activity for the children in your setting.

Materials you will need:Leaf prints autumn crafts

To make your own leaf prints, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Arrange the leaves on a flat surface, bottom side facing up. Place a sheet of white paper over the top.
  2. Use a wax crayon to gently rub over the top of the paper. Concentrate on one leaf at a time. You will start to notice the detail of the leaf slowly appearing.
  3. Switch to a different coloured crayon and move onto the next leaf.
  4. When you have completed all the leaf rubbings, neatly cut them out with scissors.
  5. Glue the leaf rubbings onto the sheet of black card to create an interesting display.

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