Gardening Benefits & Activities for Children

gardening benefits for children

Spending Time Outdoors Benefits Children’s Health & Well-Being

Encouraging children to put down the smartphone and spend time outside can seem like a daunting task. At present, children on average only spend 16 minutes a day outside, and less than 24% of kids meet the daily recommended levels of physical activity.

Spending time outside can significantly impact children’s health and well-being. After doing outdoor physical activity, children are 28x more likely to eat healthier foods. They’ll also feel more relaxed, get a workout – whether it’s their upper arms from digging or legs from running, and even sleep better. Research has shown that gardening also increases memory and focus as well as confidence.

Outdoor Activities to Try At Home

Gardening is a fantastic way to spend time with children outdoors. You can create a plant box and allow your child to choose the fruit or vegetables they’ll plant. Once the seeds are in the ground, help them prepare the garden by building a scarecrow using old clothing. You should encourage them to check on their garden daily and remove any weeds that spring up. Once their chosen fruit or vegetable is fully developed, help them prepare a dish so they can taste the fruit of their labour.

gardening benefits for children

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