Essential Play Resources List for Childminders

childminding play essentials

Kids love to do what they do best – play! Play engages, excites and entertains children for hours.

Don’t underestimate the power of play! Play gives children the opportunity to explore and discover new experiences and make sense of the world around them. Young children are continuously learning through play and developing new skills – whether they are zooming cars down a ramp, digging for dinosaur fossils in sand or building the tallest tower!

As a childcare provider, it is important to cover a range of different types of play resources in your setting in order to enhance the children’s development and learning in all areas – but this can be very tricky if you’re a childminder who is limited to space! Therefore, we spoke to a number of dedicated childminders about what play resources and equipment they consider to be essential in any sized childminding setting.

As a result, we created the ultimate list of essential play resources – chosen by childminders for childminders! So make sure you’re not missing any of the following childminding play essentials in your childcare setting.

Play Essentials Checklist for Childminders

Physical Activity:

Creative Play:

Imaginative Play:

Messy Play:


Natural Play:

Now that you’ve got all the essentials for play covered in your setting, it’s time to let the children’s imaginations unravel!

Play resources

If you want to enhance the play resources and equipment in your setting further, head to our dedicated Childminders Selection section on our website to explore the complete range.

Let us know what items you think are essential for a childminders setting on our Facebook and Twitter!

This article was created in conjunction with the EYR Childminder Panel. Special thanks to Chloe Webster and Bridgit Brown from Pebbles Childcare and Sarah Neville from Knutsford Childminding.

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