How To Spend Your Primary PE and Sport Premium Effectively for 2020/21

spending primary PE sports premium

Primary PE and Sport Premium 

This post has been updated in May 2021.

Are you spending your Primary PE and Sport Premium effectively? The Department for Education has announced that they will fund the Primary PE and Sport Premium for the 2020/21 academic year, making a total of £320 million available to Primary Schools to improve the quality of their PE and sport.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that you are making the best use out of your funding!

It’s essential to offer a broad range of PE and sports activities in your school to encourage all children to participate in some form of physical activity and give new opportunities to those children who are less active. Promote a healthy and active lifestyle by enhancing your PE and sport resources to try and reduce inactivity and obesity in children.

Before you spend your Primary PE and Sport Premium, you need to decide what the most effective way of using it will be. Create a plan of action, set goals and objectives, plan out a timeline of activities and decide how you are going to monitor the progress to make sure that you are prepared for the Ofsted assessments.

The key elements to consider when planning your activities:

  • How can you enhance the PE and sport activities that you currently offer? What PE resources and equipment can you add to your school to improve your current selection?
  • What PE and sport activities are missing from your school? How will you broaden the range of PE and sports that you offer?
  • How well informed are your staff? Do you need to offer more beneficial staff training and mentoring to increase their confidence when teaching PE and sports?
  • Do you need to hire external qualified sports coaches to work with your teachers?
  • How are you going to embed physical activity into the school day? How are you going to carry out active learning in the classroom?
  • How will you support the least active children? Do you offer targeted activities for them?
  • How will you encourage more children to participate in competitive sport?
  • How often do you run school games and competitions?
  • Have you considered partnering with other schools to run sports activities and clubs?
  • Do you actively encourage your pupils to walk or cycle to and from school?
  • Are your pupils well informed about the after school sports opportunities that your school offers?
  • Do you offer sports leadership or volunteer roles to the pupils to support physical activity?
  • Does your playground or outdoor area promote physical activity during break time?

When you are looking for PE and sports supplies for your school, it is essential that you think about how the resources and equipment will benefit your school!

The key factors to consider when spending your PE Premium:

  • Will it enhance your current selection of PE and sports activities?
  • Will it impact the school’s future? Is it sustainable?
  • Will it broaden your school’s PE and sports range? Does it offer new opportunities to pupils?
  • How will the children benefit from it?
  • Will it have a positive impact on the children’s physical and mental development?
  • How will it impact the children’s attainment?
  • Will it encourage children to engage in more physical activity?
  • Will it encourage children to participate in competitive sports?
  • Will it promote active learning in your school?
  • How will it contribute to the curriculum as a whole?
  • Will it help to raise the profile of PE and sports across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement?

Make sure you do NOT use your funding to:

  • Employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements – these should come out of your core staffing budgets.
  • Teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum – including those specified for swimming (or, in the case of academies and free schools, to teach your existing PE curriculum).

What can you spend your Primary PE and Sport Premium on?

When spending your premium, you need to make sure that you adhere to the key factors above by developing or adding to the PE and sports activities in your school and building on the capacity and capability for the school’s future.

We stock an extensive selection of children’s PE & Sports Equipment for primary schools, which have been designed to promote health and fitness and encourage physical activity. Our PE and sports selection includes a wide variety of resources and equipment for competitive sports, inclusive sports, sports day games, dance, movement, active play and much more!

Browse our fantastic PE & Sports range to ensure that you offer a broad range of PE and sports activities in your school, which will improve your PE and sports offerings and enhance physical development. Don’t forget to provide evidence for how you are improving the provision of PE and sport in your school – if you are unsure how it will benefit, we are happy to help!

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Looking for activity ideas?

See our Top 10 Physical Activities for Children in Primary School for some inspiration!


For further advice and information on the Primary PE and Sport Premium, visit GOV.UKAFPE and Youth Sport Trust.

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