How to Encourage Children to Write

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Do your children grunt when it comes to writing? Are you struggling to engage them in the activity? Writing is an important tool of communication which we encounter in everyday life. It is vital for a child’s development and learning – so it is essential that you encourage children to get involved with writing from an early age, both in school and at home.

The key to encouraging a child to write is to make it a fun and meaningful activity for them! Let them enjoy the physical experience of writing with varied materials on different surfaces and inspire their imagination with a diverse and exciting range of writing activities. The more children practice their handwriting, the less frustrated they will get and the more eager they will become to write.

Inspire creativity, promote handwriting and encourage children to write this National Writing Day with our fabulous selection of fun writing activities for kids!

Top 10 Fun Writing Activities for Kids

Write a Letter to a Fictional Character or Pet

Have you ever thought about what you’d say if you could talk to your favourite character or pet? Get the children to create letters or write notes to their pet or a fictional character.

Make a To-Do List of Activities 

Everyone has a bucket list of activities they want to try! Hand out a selection of different coloured cards to the children and ask them to write down an activity they would like to try on each piece of card.

Create a Shopping List for the Supermarket

Gather a collection of play food together to inspire the children’s shopping list or leave them to their own devices to create a mouth-watering list of food and drink they would like to get from the supermarket.

Make a List of Questions 

Children are eager to discover new things! Start a discussion about a certain topic and let the children write down questions they don’t know the answers to on a whiteboard.

Send Thank You Notes to Family, Friends and Teachers

Encourage good manners and appreciation! Ask the children to write thank you notes on sticky pads to stick on other children’s desks or take home to their family.

Write a Story using Random Figures from a Story Bag

Create a story bag containing a selection of toy figures, then randomly pull out a figure from each bag and let the children make up stories about the different outcomes.

Write a Story Prompt about your Favourite Animal

Start a discussion with the children about different animals, then encourage them to write a story about their favourite animal. If they are struggling, let them use writing prompt cubes to inspire their creativity!

Review your Favourite Book or Film

Discuss books the children have read in school and films they have watched, then ask them to write a review on one of their favourite books or films.

Make Invitations for an Imaginary Party

Let the children think up wacky party ideas, then get them to make invitations for them using different coloured papers and materials to get even more creative!

Create a Menu of your Favourite Food  

Discuss the different cuisines from all over the world and then ask the children create menus containing their must-have meals.

Let’s write…

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