Outdoor Play Essentials List for Childminders

outdoor play essential supplies

Time to get outside!

Do you have a dedicated outdoor space for children in your childcare setting? There is no set way of creating an outdoor childminding area – but it is important to provide plenty of opportunities for children to be outside, with a variety of outdoor resources that will enhance a child’s development and learning in all the key areas. So we have created a list of essential outdoor play supplies for childminders to make sure that you cover all the key development areas!

How enhanced is your outdoor childminding area? There’s no need to clutter your garden with masses of outdoor toys and equipment – just make sure that you offer a varied selection of the following essential outdoor play resources and equipment in a safe, secure and well-maintained outdoor space.

The Ultimate Outdoor Play Supplies & Equipment Checklist

Active Play Resources:

Direct the children’s bundle of energy into active play! Explore a range of exciting active play activities and outdoor games to enhance a child’s fine and gross motor skills and social development.

Role Play:

Explore the world of role play in a different surrounding and let the children’s imagination run wild outdoors – an unlimited creative space for children to express themselves!

Gardening Resources:

Transform your garden into a fun, vibrant and colourful learning environment! Experience the wonders of gardening and let the children gain a better understanding of the world around them – where they can watch a mere seed change into a flourishing flower.

Messy Play Supplies:

What better place to explore messy play than the great outdoors! No need to worry about the mess – it’s much easier to clean up outside and won’t ruin your home.

Creative Supplies:

Arts and crafts isn’t bound to the indoors! Take creative play outside and create even more mess. Splat, splodge and squirt to your heart’s content.

Outdoor Learning Resources:

Who says you can’t bring the classroom outdoors? Sometimes the best learning environment is outside with nature!

Now that you’ve transformed your garden into an outstanding playground paradise where children can unleash their energy, it’s time to head on an exciting outdoor adventure with the kids!

Don’t forget to always make time for outdoor play – whatever the weather! The great outdoors offers unlimited play possibilities and gives children a space to express themselves creatively and be free. By encouraging children to go outside, it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, boosts their confidence and lets them begin to understand risks. Young children learn through play, so what better way to learn than in the fresh air!

outdoor play resources

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