Art & Craft Essentials List for Childminders

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Struggling to keep the children engaged? Keep the kids entertained for longer with fun and messy hands-on art and craft activities in your childminding setting – perfect for those dreary rainy days!

Awaken the children’s imagination and inspire their creativity with arts and crafts! It is essential to offer lots of creative and messy play opportunities in your childcare setting, as research has shown that arts and crafts play an important role in enhancing a child’s development and learning – helping to develop their confidence, creativity, imagination, social skills, coordination, motor skills, decision making and thinking skills.

Have you got a dedicated creation station? Make sure you establish a defined creative play area in your home, where arts and crafts resources are readily-available at all times! It is important to allow easy access to this creative area so that the children are free to experiment and explore arts and crafts independently. Kids just love getting messy! So encourage them to express their creativity through art and let them splodge and splat to their heart’s content.

There is an enormous amount of different arts and crafts resources available for childminders today. But if you are just starting out your childminding business, then you need to make sure that your arts and crafts area is not missing any of the following essential art and craft resources!

The Ultimate Arts & Crafts Resources Checklist

Paint Supplies:

Drawing Supplies:

Paper & Card:

Collage Supplies:

Modelling Supplies:


Equipment & Storage:

Now that you have all the art and craft essentials for your childcare setting, it’s time to get those aprons on and have some messy fun with the kids! Take a look at our Top 5 Messy Play Ideas & Activities for some inspiration.

Don’t forget to create beautiful displays of the children’s artistic masterpieces and let them take their artwork home to show their parents, as it will give them that valuable sense of pride and achievement that children thrive on.

If you would like to top up your arts and crafts supply with something a little bit different and introduce the children to new exciting textures, explore our complete Arts & Crafts Resources section for childminders on our website to get even more creative with the kids!

Art and craft supplies

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