Woven Easter Egg Baskets – Easter Crafts

These simple woven Easter Egg Baskets are perfect as a festive Easter decoration or can be used to collect eggs on an exciting Easter Egg Hunt!

You will need the following:

To make the baskets, follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut lots of strips from the A4 paper, roughly 2cm wide. Lay five, same coloured strips in a row on a flat surface.
  2. Take five strips of different coloured paper. Weave the first strip over and under the original five strips of paper. With a second strip, weave it under and over to make a chequered pattern.
  3. Make sure that the woven part is in the centre of the strips (see image).
  4. Fold the strips upwards to make the sides of the basket, leaving the woven square as the base.
  5. Cut the remaining strips of paper in half and continue to weave the sides of the basket.
  6. On two opposite sides of the box (the yellow sides in the image below), fold the paper edges in on themselves and glue them down. Do the same with all the top edges.
  7. On the other two sides of the box (green strips in the image below) fold the paper edges in on themselves but only glue the top edges.
  8. Use the folded tabs to join the sides together.
  9. Use another strip of paper to make a handle for the basket.
  10. Fill with tissue and fluffy chicks or eggs.


Tip: Make a stronger version of the basket using coloured card instead of paper. This stronger version will be perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

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