Sock Bunnies – Easter Crafts

Transform your old socks into these cute decorative bunnies. A fantastic craft idea for your kids this Easter!

You will need the following:

Follow these simple steps to bring your sock bunnies to life:

  1. Fill the end third of a sock with rice or lentils and then tie or wrap an elastic band around this section of the sock to make a body.
  2. Fill the sock with more rice/lentils for the head. Make sure this section is smaller than the body and then tie it in the same way so that the contents won’t spill out.
  3. Cut down the centre of the remaining sock to make two ears. You can shape the ears by cutting each piece into a curve with a point at the end.
  4. Cut out a mouth, teeth and nose from felt and stick them onto the bunny’s head, adding thread for whiskers.
  5. Add the googly eyes and finally, tie a piece of ribbon in a bow around the bunny’s neck.

Hints and tips:

  • Trim off the elasticated tops from the socks; these can be stretched around the bunny as extra decoration.
  • Instead of felt, get creative designing a bunny face using felt tip pens.
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