Homemade Flowers for Mother’s Day

Celebrate your mum this Mother’s Day by giving her a beautiful bunch of handmade flowers.

You will need:mothers day flowers

To make the flowers:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of tissue paper in different shades, each roughly 12cm x 50cm (you don’t need to be too precise when cutting). Place one directly on top of the other.
  2. Keeping the 2 pieces of paper together, accordion-fold, backwards and forwards along the entire length.
  3. To make round-edged flowers, draw around a coin at both ends of the folded tissue to make a curve. Cut around the curve to give a rounded edge. Alternatively, to make spiky-edged flowers, snip the ends of the folded tissue into points.
  4. Next, fold a green pipe cleaner around the centre of the folded paper bundle and twist the ends together to fix into place.
  5. To form the flower, gently pull the uppermost pieces of tissue out of the bundle. As you pull them up and towards the centre of the flower, the pieces underneath should start fanning out. Work your way around the whole thing finishing on one side.
  6. Once you’re happy with the way your flower looks, all that is left to do is cover the piece of pipe cleaner visible in the centre. Simply add a blob of PVA glue onto the pipe cleaner and cover in glitter.
  7. Repeat all the steps above to make a whole bunch of flowers.
  8. You can either present the flowers by tying them together with ribbon or display them in a glass vase.

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