Brand New Childminders’ Selection 2018 | Spring Edition

childminder 2018 selection catalogue out now

Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue Out Now!

At Early Years Resources, we understand how difficult it can be for childminders to find the right resources at the right price and quality to suit their childminding setting. Therefore, we have carefully hand-picked a great selection of early years resources and equipment which are perfectly suited to childminders!

Have you seen our brand new Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue?

We are excited to announce the release of our latest Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue – designed especially for Childminders by industry experts. The catalogue is packed full with new and cutting-edge products that will enhance any childminder’s setting and inspire you to create an outstanding environment. Get your hands on this fantastic catalogue to discover our extensive range of innovative childminding supplies and resources for primary and preschool children. A must-have for every childminder! Request a Catalogue today and uncover the special offer code inside.

Why should you request a catalogue?

  • Specially designed for Childminders
  • Great value products to suit every budget
  • Inspiring and innovative selection
  • Exclusive discount code!

Request your FREE Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue today by simply filling in our Online Request Form.

Childminders selection 2018 catalogue spring edition

What type of childminding products do we offer?

Our new Childminders’ Selection 2018 range contains a wide variety of high quality, affordable and great value supplies to suit every budget and space – including valuable childminder’s essentials, popular children’s resources and brand new versatile products! Enhance and improve your childcare setting and enrich the children’s learning and development with childminding supplies that support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), create enabling environments and encourage playful learning.

  • Make sure you’ve got all the Childminding Essentials – from record books and first aid kits to strollers and baby changing mats.
  • Find perfect storage solutions for your daycare setting with our quality range of space-saving Furniture and Storage options – from stackable chairs and folding tables to multi-functional storage units.
  • Stimulate the children’s senses with our exciting selection of Sensory Play Resources – including textured ball packs, messy play materials and sensory light toys!
  • Inspire the children’s creativity with our vast array of Art and Craft Supplies – including paints, papers, mark making equipment, easels, seasonal crafts and much more.
  • Engage and excite the little ones with our dynamic Active Play Resources – from bikes and trikes to fun outdoor games!
  • Enhance a child’s home education and development with our great selection of Construction Resources – containing a diverse range of building blocks and construction sets.
  • Introduce the little ones to early years Maths and Literacy concepts – such as shape, measure, time, sorting, number, stories, rhythm, speaking, listening, letters and sound.
  • Inspire musical interest with our delightful range of children’s Instruments – from egg shakers and rainmakers to maracas and xylophones.
  • Take the kids outdoors with our fun selection of Outdoor Play Resources – including play tents, outdoor learning boards, kid’s outdoor clothing and much more.
  • Unleash the children’s imagination and let them express themselves creatively with our extensive range of kid’s Role Play Resources – from small world play accessories to dolls and play sets.
  • Enjoy the messy wonders of sand and water play with our inspiring selection of Sand & Water Resources for childminders – including sand and water tables, boxes and accessories.
  • Keep the babies and toddlers entertained with our exciting selection of Toys and Games – from puzzles and tactile blocks to soft toys.
  • Teach children the importance of diversity and values with our wonderful range of the World Around Us Resources – from miniature world play and messy play supplies to reward stickers and technology resources.

See our complete range online – Childminders’ Selection 2018 – with over 200 childminding resources to choose from and be inspired to transform your childcare setting into an outstanding and stimulating environment – and don’t forget to request your Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue!

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