British Science Week Ideas & Activities

british science week 2018 ideas activities

Engage children in the wondrous, wild and wacky world of science this British Science Week! The annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths is taking place from 9-18 March this year. 2018 sees the Year of Engineering and promotes the theme of Exploration and Discovery to encourage children to “think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives”. Spark scientific curiosity and let the little ones unleash their inner Einstein this British Science Week!

Stuck for STEM activity ideas? There are many different ways that you can get your primary school, nursery or preschool involved in British Science Week. The British Science Association feature a great selection of early years and primary activities on their BSW website, so we have collected together a variety of fantastic resources to help you explore some of these exciting ideas in your primary or early years setting – along with some of our favourite STEM ideas for British Science Week as well!

Be inspired and introduce children to exciting new science concepts through a range of fascinating scientific investigations and hands-on activities.

Top 10 British Science Week Ideas & Activities

Explore bonkers experiments, try out awesome science-related activities and make mind-blowing discoveries this British Science Week!

1. Watch Seeds Grow

Let children see what is happening beneath the ground when a plant grows! Our exclusive EYR Watch Me Grow Planter is the perfect resource for the investigation and exploration of growth. The wooden planter features a clear viewing window so that kids can observe root systems and minibeast guests beneath the soil.

watch me grow seed planter

2. Create Bug Hotels

Get up close and personal! Make a cosy and inviting home for those little minibeasts with our durable Bug Base. Get the children to search through the garden for natural resources to recreate and explore different habitats for bugs.

bug base habitat

3. Escape the Ice

Explore the properties of water. Freeze the children’s favourite toy Figures in a block of ice and let them think of different ways they could rescue their toy!

4. Launch Rockets into the Sky

Blast off! Demonstrate propulsion, air resistance and motion with this fun air-powered Stomp Rocket Launcher. The children are sure to enjoy jumping on the base pump and watching their rockets launch into the sky!

rocket launcher stomp pump

5. Catch Touchable Bubbles

Bubbles that don’t pop as soon as you touch them! Enjoy the sensory experience of Touchable Bubbles. Catch bubbles in your hands and discuss friction, air pressure and factors involved which affect the bubble.

6. Build Wind-Up Toys

Discover the mechanics of wind-up and make your own moving wind-up toy with our Wind Up Pack! Let the kids explore three different wind-up designs for walking, running and dancing.

Wind up functions mechanisms pack

7. Dip Paper Towels

Experiment with water absorption! Fill bowls with water and stir in different coloured Food Dyes. Then dip strips of paper towels and other paper types into the different bowls to explore colour change and water absorption.

8. Build a Maze

Introduce the little ones to programming and coding with our fun Robot Mouse Activity Set. Build a maze from base pieces, walls and tunnels – then programme the mouse to take the path needed to reach the cheese!

robot mouse maze

9. Make Rain Clouds

Explore how rain clouds work! Fill a jar with water and use Crazy Foam to create a cloud on top of the water. Then drop Food Colouring into the ‘cloud’ and watch the rain-like effect.

10. Create BSW Posters

Inspire creativity and let the children exhibit their scientific discoveries on giant posters – then enter them into the British Science Association’s annual Poster Competition!

STEM Resources

If you need more inspiration for British Science Week, you can explore our complete range of STEM essentials on our website – containing a great selection of Science equipment, ICT resources, Construction and Design products and Maths resources. Don’t forget to check out our FREE downloadable resources for Minibeasts as well!

STEM resources

Time to get those safety goggles on!

We would love to know what mind-blowing discoveries you make! So don’t forget to share your British Science Week photos with us on our Facebook or Twitter and tell us which activity was your favourite.

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