Make Your Own Paper Fortune Cookies – Chinese New Year Crafts

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these fun, traditional fortune cookies, filled with positive messages or jokes.

DIY paper fortune cookies chinese new year crafts

To make these cookies you will need the following:

  1. Take a sheet of coloured of patterned paper and place a CD (or another circular object) on top
  2. Draw around the CD with a pencil and then neatly cut out the circle. Repeat this for each fortune cookie you wish to make
  3. Next, take a sheet of white paper and cut it into long thin strips
  4. On the white paper strips add a positive phrase or funny joke. These will be the “fortunes”
  5. Now take the paper circle, fold it in half (picture 1) and add glue to the centre of the edges to stick it together. (Be careful not to add glue right around the edges otherwise the fortune can’t be put inside).
  6. Holding the now semi-circle, carefully crease the centre point (picture 2)
  7. Place the fortune inside the folded shape
  8. Bring the ends of the fortune cookie together to create the finished shape (picture 3). Add more glue to hold the fortune cookie together.


Why not play a game of charades using the fortune cookies?

On each strip of white paper, add the title of a film or book and mix the cookies up. Whoever picks the cookie has to act out the film/book to a group whilst they guess what it is.

DIY paper fortune cookies chinese new year crafts

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