Easy to Follow Dog Origami

Celebrate the Year of the Dog this February with these handmade paper dogs!

To make these you will need the following:

To make an Origami Paper Dog

1.Fold the origami paper/square paper in half (corner to corner). Crease along the fold to make a triangle.

2. Now fold one of the corners downwards to make a floppy ear.

3. Repeat with the opposite corner so that you have two floppy ears.

4. To make the muzzle, fold up the bottom corner.

5. Turn the dog over and fold the bottom point up.

6. Turn the dog over again and decorate. Add wiggly eyes and draw on a mouth and whiskers


  • Why not fold the back flap down and draw on a tongue
  • Or, add a bow to the dogs head using paper or ribbon
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