Chopsticks Relay Game – Chinese New Year Crafts

This simple and fun activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills.

DIY chopsticks relay game chinese new year

For the game you will need:

How to play:

  1. Split the children up into two equal teams
  2. Line each team up at the start point and give the starting players a pair of chopsticks each
  3. Place a bowl of cotton wool balls in front of each line
  4. Place two empty bowls (one for each team) at a suitable distance away from the start point
  5. When the game starts, the first player from each team should use the chopsticks to pick up one cotton cool ball (using one hand only!) and carry it to the empty bowl
  6. The first player then has to run back and pass the chopsticks to the next player on their team
  7. The first team to fill up their empty bowl with cotton wool balls wins the game!

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