Festive Puppets Craft Idea for Christmas

Get into the festive spirit with a good old-fashioned puppet show.
Either use the characters we’ve created here, or let the children
come up with their own. Encourage them to make up their own play too!

To make the Santa puppets you will need:

To make the Santa puppet…

  1. Start by covering the tube with either red card or red paint.
  2. Cut out a triangle of white felt for the beard. Stick it onto the stop of the tube. Next, cut out a face from pink card and glue it onto the felt. Alternatively tear up bits of white cotton wool and stick onto the face as a beard.
  3. Add googly eyes to the puppet and a nose cut from red card (alternatively, use a mini red pom pom)
  4. Take a piece of corrugated card, cut out a hat and stick it in place.
  5. Next, cut out a hat brim from white card and glue it into position. Finally cut out a hat bobble and glue it on.
  6. Cut a thin strip of card for the belt and cut out a buckle from coloured card. Glue the belt and buckle onto the puppet.
  7. Finish by adding dots to the puppet to resemble buttons.


Why not try and make other festive characters for example elves, snowmen or reindeer?

To make elf puppets:

Simply swap the red card for green card/paint and use coloured card for the belt and brim of the hat.

To make reindeer puppets:

  1. Cover the tube in brown card or brown paint.
  2. Cut out two antlers from brown foam and stick them to the top of the tube.
  3. Add two googly eyes and a smile
  4. Cut out a nose from red card or use a mini red pom pom and stick it into position.

To make a snowman puppet:

  1. Cover the tube with white card or white paint.
  2. Take a sheet of coloured card and cut out a hat. Decorate the hat with sequins or glitter and stick the hat onto the white tube.
  3. Add googly eyes, a nose (cut from orange card) and a smile.
  4. Add a scarf using ribbon or card.

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