Make Your Own Bubble Wands

Take blowing bubbles to the next level as you let the children get creative and design their own bubble wands. All you need is the following:

Pipe Cleaners
Cutters (Optional)
Bubble Liquid

To make a Bubble Wand

  1. Choose you pipe cleaner colour and bend it into any shape you want. Then twist the two pieces together to form a handle. For more complicated shapes you can mould a pipe cleaner around a biscuit cutter.
  2. If you like, decorate the handle with beads and twist a loop or a knot in the end to secure them. You are now ready to prepare some bubble liquid for your funky wand.
  3. Encourage the children to be as creative and adventurous with their wand shapes as they can. See the effects the different shapes of wand have on the bubbles.
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