Back to School

This blog post has been written by Jeanette Morris our in-house Early Years Specialist who has over 33 years of teaching experience and a real passion for Early Years Education.

So, the Bank Holiday is over, September looms and that can only mean one thing in many households, back to school.

For many parents and carers, the end of August and return to school is bittersweet. You might mourn the carefree days of summer but relish getting your time back.

Making the transition back to school can be quite a challenge for children, parents and carers alike. Those who’ve enjoyed a lie in and a leisurely start to the day, now have to be organised and get up with an alarm again. Relaxed lunches, eaten on the go or on demand, now require planning or packing. And homework (insert sad emoji) yes, it’s time to start that drill again too.

But going back to school doesn’t have to be a gruelling experience for you or your children, it’s all in the planning. Here are a few of our favourite tips which may help to make the transition back to school, and first days, a positive experience for everyone.

  • Talk about school, encourage your child to remember previous visits, especially the fun times.
  • Establish earlier bedtimes and getting up times.
  • Have a dry run of the journey to school.
  • Get your child to practise looking for their name or picture, it’s very handy if they can find their own space in the cloakroom and recognise their own clothes and belongings (the smell test doesn’t always work)!
  • Practise going to the toilet independently, this will help your child to feel independent and reduce the chance of accidents.
  • Practise dressing and undressing independently.
  • The night before, get everything ready, make sure all personal belongings are labelled, lay out your child’s uniform and have bags packed and ready for the morning.
  • Talk about the exciting day ahead, remind your child about the fun things waiting for them at school.
  • Leave plenty of time to get there. Rushing to get everyone ready in the morning is the norm in most homes, but getting there nice and early on the first day will create a more enjoyable experience.
  • Say a quick goodbye, if your child does become upset, try to remain calm and take your lead from the school staff. Most children are playing happily by the time you’ve reached the school gates.
  • After school, be prepared for a very tired child, even if your child is used to a long day at nursery, a school day can be exhausting.
  • And don’t forget, you get to do it all again tomorrow!

Wishing all children, parents, carers, teachers, assistants and staff a very happy first day back.

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