Egg Box Chicks

Put together your own nest of chicks with this step-by-step tutorial. All you need is the following:

1 Egg Box
White, Yellow, Green & Brown Paints
Medium Paintbrush
Orange & Yellow Card
Wiggly Eyes
3 Yellow Feathers
Cocktail Stick
Shredded Paper (optional)

  1. Start by removing any labels from the egg box and remove the top off the egg box by cutting along the crease.
  2. Cut away the 6 egg cup bottoms and trim them so they are about 4cm high.
  3. Paint the cups white and leave to dry.
  4. Paint the lid with a mixture of green and brown and leave to dry.
  5. Paint the cups with yellow paint and leave to dry.
  6. Cut 6 beaks and 6 feet out of orange card.
  7. Cut 6 wings out of yellow card.
  8. Fold the straight edge of the beaks over.
  9. Make holes in the top of 3 of the cups with a cocktail stick. Push through a feather.
  10. Glue on the beaks, 1 to each cup. Glue on the feet, space them apart. Glue on the wings and the wiggly eyes.
  11. Glue the heads and body together leaving the mouth slightly apart.
  12. Stuff the nest with shredded paper.
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