5 reasons to request our 2017 Childminders’ Selection Catalogue

This year we have put a lot of thought into our Childminders’ Selection catalogue, so we thought we’d highlight some of the ranges and share why we think they’re perfect for childminders.

Our selection has a variety of home comforts, educational toys and games, childminder essentials and of course the ever popular art and crafts we believe should be a part of every childminders’ collection.

Below are 5 ranges you will find featured within the 2017 Childminders’ Selection:



In general, superheroes are very popular with young children and this year, as part of our own developed resources, we have introduced the Superpower Superhero Set and Superhero Scene Tuff Tray Mat.

Our popular Superpower Superhero Set, produced by fair trade supplier, has a simplistic and vibrant design. Made from sustainable rubber wood. Each character has been created with a name and super power story to help children to overcome and face worries or fears. Our multi gender superhero resources are great for language development & EYFS themes.

Outdoor Boards

Our selection of popular outdoor boards are weather, shatter and fade proof, making them durable and long lasting. Offering great value for money, they are easily attached to outdoor walls and fences.

Providing colourful themed designs with images that children can easily relate to, make these boards perfect for using in zoned areas or to brighten up any outdoor setting. Within our range we also have a number of mark making boards great for physical development.

Tuff Tray Mats

The versatile Tuff Tray appears to be an integral fixture in every early years setting. Our mats have been designed as an open ended stimulus to encourage children’s imaginative play using superior quality photographs and illustrations.

Offering great value for money, our amazing Tuff Tray scene setter mats will excite and delight. Create a fascinating, multi-sensory experience by adding natural materials, creatures and characters, to create magical scenes, inspire imaginations or bring much loved stories and tales to life.

Play Trays

Within the catalogue is a great selection of inexpensive trays, some with stands, to cover every eventuality. Deep for messy play, shallow for discovery and exploration, they can be used on table or cupboard tops or on the floor. Perfect when space is tight and for pack away settings, our range of play trays always prove popular amongst childminders.

Space Saving Furniture

We understand that space can sometimes be considered a luxury when it comes to childminder settings and because of that we consciously selected a range of affordable, practical and space saving furniture in our 2017 Childminders’ Selection.

Within the catalogue there are a number of inexpensive and robust wire storage which can be used indoors and out. Our selection of folding tables are light in weight and can be easily and folded flat for storage, whilst our own developed FS furniture range perfect for the home and its height encourages independence when selecting resources.

To get your hands on your own copy of the 2017 Childminders’ Selection, request your copy today and check out our refreshed Childminders’ Selection on our website, with an extended range of resources.

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Whilst you are eagerly awaiting your new winter childminder catalogue to arrive, you can explore our extensive Childminders Selection online and follow us on our Childminders Facebook Page to stay up to date with the latest news, special offers and competitions.

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