Leprechaun Mask

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the children by getting them to make this simple leprachaun mask and encourage some imaginative play!

To make the mask, you will need the following:

Paper Plate
Coloured Paper (Green and Orange)
Black Card
Gold Card
Wooden Lolly Stick

To make a Leprachaun Mask

  1. Carefully cut out the centre of the plate using scissors so you are left with the outer ring.
  2. Draw the outline of the hat in pencil onto the green card. Neatly cut this out with scissors.
  3. Next, cut a hat band from the black card and a buckle from the gold card. Glue the items onto the hat. Lastly, glue the hat onto the ring of card.
  4. Cut a sheet of orange card into long thin strips, roughly 2.5cm (1”) in width. Curl each strip of card around a pencil. Glue the curls of card around the rim of the mask. This will make the beard for your leprechaun.
  5. Finally, glue (or tape) the wooden lollipop stick onto the bottom of the mask to make a handle. Make sure the glue is completely dry before trying it out!
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