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Heart Canvas crafts

A beautiful crafts idea – perfect for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

Get the children to decorate a beautiful heart collage however they wish, as they get creative with their imagination and show their mum love this Mother’s Day.

To make this you will need the following:

How to make a heart canvas collage:

  1. Take a sheet of tracing paper and a pencil and make a tracing of a large heart shape. Copy the traced
    outline onto the centre of the canvas.
  2. Protect your work surface with newspaper and then get the children to paint around the heart shape.
  3. Cut up the coloured/patterned paper into small squares. Take a clean paintbrush and begin by painting a layer
    of PVA glue onto the heart to make the surface tacky. Let the children decorate the heart shape by sticking on the paper squares. This is an easier method for young children and far less messy than gluing on squares individually.
  4. Glue on a mixture of coloured jewels, buttons and decorations. When your mixed media collage is complete, set
    it aside to dry.
  5. The children might like to sign their finished artwork before giving it to mum or someone else who is special to them.

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