Chinese Hanging Lantern

Decorate the classroom or play area for Chinese New Year with these easy to make, colourful hanging lanterns. To make these you will need the following:

Paper Plates
Coloured Card (Red, Green and Orange)
Plastic Jewels
Patterned Green Paper
Chinese Character Stickers (or can be drawn on)
Black Card
Thin Ribbon
Hole Punch

To make a hanging lantern

  1. Place a paper plate on a sheet of green card. Draw around it with a pencil. Neatly cut out the circle with scissors.
  2. Cut out a rectangle, measuring 12cm x 20cm, of green patterned paper. Glue it to the centre of the green circle of card.
  3. Next, cut out a narrow rectangle of orange card, measuring 8cm x 20cm. Decorate it with Chinese characters. Mount it onto the patterned green rectangle.
  4. Take a sheet of red card. Cut out a red ‘hat’ for your lantern. Now, cut out a red rectangle for the lantern base. Stick them in position. Lastly, glue a row of plastic jewels to the top of the lantern base to decorate.
  5. Punch a series of holes along the bottom edge of the red lantern base. Thread a length of thin ribbon through each hole then know to secure (as pictured). Finally, punch two holes in the top of the lantern. Make a hanging loop by threading through black cord then knotting the ends.
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